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Welcome to our site.
We try to deliver the best informasi about Mac, iPad, iPone, iPod, iTunes, news, accessories, product  reviews, app reviews, and tutorials  all these apple produks.  We also try to cover unique news and stories as we know there a lot of other sites to read.  We hope you enjoy in our site.
This site really helps Apple product users and provide information for those who want to have apple products.
We will deliver  produks information daily so check back often, subscribe to our  Email when  new stuff is added.
We are very happy when you give tips, new story ideas, or any other thoughts do you have.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple iPhone

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okay all, i will examine about Advantages and Disadvantages  Apple iPhone, do yo know iphone?i think you know.

Advantages  of Apple iPhone
  • Revolutionary touchscreen Touch the iPhone screen so revolutionary, so many vendors who follow the technology, but still no one can match the iPhone
  • Support 3rd Party Apps. very much There are so many 3rd Party Apps. which can be installed iPhone - but not all Free (average price for 3rd party apps between $ 0.99 - $ 5)

  • Big screen and clear picture quality IPhone screen sized 3.5-inch, 480 x 320 pixels with a resolution of 163 ppi
  • Stylish Design I think everyone would agree, like other Apple products, the iPhone is very fashionable design
  • High Prestige I think everyone would agree with this statement, no need to explain anymore

Disadvantages of Apple  iPhone

This deficiency can be partially addressed below by clicking "JailBreak" iPhone or install 3rd party apps. But keep in mind that "JailBreak" damage warranty, so expect mengclaim wrote at the time of the warranty, your iPhone is not checked by Apple Genius

  • No Copy Paste function Yeah, that's right the iPhone does not have a feature to copy - paste the text. But this shortcoming can be overcome by installing 3rd Party Apps (Clippy)

  • No SMS Forward function Yeah, that's right the iPhone does not have a feature to forward SMS. But this shortcoming can be overcome by installing 3rd Party Apps (biteSMS / MySMS / iRealSMS)

  • Unable to MMS Yeah, that's right the iPhone can not do MMS facility. But this shortcoming can be overcome by installing 3rd Party Apps. (SwirlyMMS)

  • Can not Video Call Yeah, that's right iPhone has no video call feature, wong ko ga no internal iPhone camera.

  • Can not Video Recording Yeah, that's right the iPhone can not do video recording. But this shortcoming can be overcome by installing 3rd Party apps (Cycorder or videorecording3g)

  • No Flash on Camera Yeah, that's right no flash on the iPhone cameranya, anyways cuman 2MPixel camera quality, so does the iPhone nga designed as a camera too.

  • The process of replacing the batteries can only be done by a person skilled Replacing the iPhone battery is not like changing your mobile phone battery - just off then install a new battery, the iPhone battery replacement process takes a few bolts that can be opened to replace the iPhone battery.

  • Battery life is not worth the functions of the iPhone IPhone entertainment features very much at all, but unfortunately the battery resistance is not comparable with that feature. Coupled with the iPhone battery can not be replaced easily so it does not allow us to have a longer battery as a backup battery

  • Browsers can not be used to run the "Flash" Yeah, that's right iPhone browser - Safari, are not equipped with a flash player.

  • iPhone can not run the application "Java" Yeah, that's right iPhone browser can not run the application "Java", but it can be covered with a number of 3rd Party applications provided by Apple - but certainly not all for free.

  • GPS does not work well in Indonesia IPhone GPS does not work well in Indonesia, to cover a lot of iPhone users now use google maps as a GPS, but not very accurate.

  • Without 3D GPS Mapping GPS built-in iPhone does not have facilities 3D Mapping - So do not expect to use the iPhone GPS to guide the way your car is

  • Bluetooth can not be used to send / receive data Yeah, that's right bluetooth on the iPhone is only used for synchronizing with iTunes and connection with your mac. Can not be used to exchange data with other mobile phone. But this shortcoming can be overcome by installing 3rd Party Apps (iBluetooth)

  • Long messages as SMS diautosplit different - there is no character counter in the SMS If you send an SMS more than 160 characters, SMS is not sent as an SMS the same but as a separate SMS. But this shortcoming can be overcome by installing 3rd Party Apps (biteSMS/MySMS/iRealSMS0

  • There is no search facility on email Yeah, that's right we can not do the searching email in the iPhone inbox. But this shortcoming can be overcome by installing 3rd Party Apps
  • No can not attach picture to email Yeah, that's right the iPhone can not do attaching to email. But this shortcoming can be overcome by installing 3rd Party Apps (Imail)

  • Function "arrange" the application is not user friendly Regulatory function icons on the iPhone app is less user friendly. Difficult to explain, you should try it yourself

  • Iphone can not function optimally without the "JailBreak" Many applications that can only be installed diiPhone already in "JailBreak", but "JailBreak" shall mean damage warranty.

  • Highly dependent on the 3rd Party Apps. As I wrote above, the basic functions of the iPhone is very minimal. The function of the new iPhone will be best if you install many 3rd Party Apps. - Which of course not all of them free.

  • Iphone will be difficult to use if you are a woman with nails "tapering" IPhone touch screen will not be used by using a nail / stylus. So women who have nails that "tapering" will have difficulty using the iPhone

  • If you have a rather large fingers, it will take a long time to get used to the iPhone keyboard Because the iPhone keyboard can only be accessed with a finger, then you have a rather large fingers, will require considerable time to be familiar with the keyboard
  • i think thats all about  Apple iPhone ,  maybe usefull.
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Advantages of Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion

hello all, now i will examine about Mac OS X Lion Apple, has long prided Mac for immunity against viruses and malware, but the computer that runs in Windows software acaman crime has increased with increasing their popularity. Online security experts warn that the Mac is now a more attractive target for hackers because of the increasing number of users who choose PC.
What is this Lion privilege compared with Snow Leopard? Of course, according to the official site of Apple, said at least five features that superior compared with Snow Leopard Lion. Here are the features:

First, the Mac App Store. This feature allows Mac OS users with easy to download and buy software from Apple.

The Mac App Store
Second, Launchpad. This feature is like the features on the iPad.

Third, Folders. Much like with Launchpad features, Folders are similar but slightly differ in the grouping files.

Fourth, Fullscreen-apps. This feature enables applications to make all remember fullscreen on Snow Leopard Safari can not fullscreen mode.

Fifth, Mission Control. This feature is like Exposé on Snow Leopard but has a grouping on the type of application is opened.

i think thats all about Advantages  Mac OS X Lion, maybe usefull.
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Collection of Apple

Collection of Apple

okey all, i will examine apple collection, do you like ipod? yes, same witw me. In addition to launching the iPod Touch, Apple on September 5, 2007 
yesterday also announced a series of collections of the latest iPod. This collection includes the 160GB iPod Classic, iPod Nano with video, and some new color options for the iPod Shuffle. 
Belle of the day was the iPod Touch, the latest innovation from Apple is taking the design of the iPhone and apply it in the form of an iPod. However, in addition to the iPod Touch, Apple also announced several updates to the collection of the iPod Nano and iPod Video or the now in-rebrand the iPod Classic. 

iPod Nano which is a compact series of iPod can now play video. With these features, the iPod Nano can now play TV shows, movies, and video podcasts. With dimensions of an increasingly widened (screen size of 320x240 pixels), users can enjoy a more comfortable video playback. According to Apple's claims, the iPod Nano can run video for 5 hours non-stop or play audio files for 24 hours non-stop. 

iPod Nano is available in two models: 4GB ($ 149) and 8 GB ($ 199). 

iPod Classic is the latest name of the series of Apple's video iPod. In this latest version, Apple released iPod Classic with a thinner shape dimensions, the new interface, and also provides the option of a larger storage capacity of 80GB and 160GB. 

With large capacity, the iPod Classic suitable for those who have a collection of songs in large quantities. According to the claim from Apple, the iPod Classic can hold up to 40,000 songs. Unfortunately, Apple still uses hard-disk as a storage place of the iPod Classic and have not moved on solutions based on flash memory. 

iPod Classic 80GB priced at $ 249 and $ 399 for the 160GB version. 

In addition to the above two products, Apple also released the latest color collection for the iPod Shuffle series product. Colors include: dark green, light green, red, and purple. 

Apple's latest collection of these will be launched simultaneously around the world at the end of September 2007. 
thats all about iPod of apple collection maybe usefull.
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iPad 2 For Education and School

iPad 2 For School 
oke, now i wil examine, about ipad 2 schoolThe iPad 2 was never designed as a standalone notebook device, which was meant to be a lesser capable version of a laptop device. The iPad 2 has been designed to perform the basic functions of a laptop, like reading emails without having to be converted into text forms first, editing and creation of documents, web browsing and gaming. While these uses of an iPad 2 deem it useful for business usage, the iPad 2 now have a bigger role to play in the field of education, as iPad 2 for school has important applications as well.
iPad 2 for school brings ahead the more integrated and user friendly learning process, wherein the learning style will be more interactive and hence fun. iPad 2 for school apps replace the dull, dreary and monotonous classes with interactive and interesting sessions, wherein the students can learn better through active participation instead of the more traditional classroom based learning. iPad 2 for school is ideal for students – it weighs less and can be carried effortlessly the students to everywhere they go, and the 10 hour long battery life is a very good example of energy efficiency.
The interactive and user friendly apps installed in iPad 2 for school can make learning an interesting process – never a dull moment. There are iPad 2 for school apps for small students who are still learning the basics of language, science and, mathematics. The language skills like introduction to alphabets and their usage, reading, writing, comprehending and building of vocabulary, can be strengthened with the help of iPad 2 for school apps like Montessorium. Basic mathematics skills like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication can be honed in the right direction from the very beginning with the help of MathBoard, which has interactive lessons and helpful problem solving exercises.
There also are apps related to science for the students who wish to understand the concepts of physics, chemistry and biology more closely. Also, apps for history and geography exist, complete with high definition maps, details about places, people and events. Science lessons include the nature hikes and exploration trips, whereas the history lessons would include details about prominent events and important people, their lifetime achievements, favorite quotations, etc.
Education is never limited to science, but also encompasses arts. The iPad 2 for school is made even more attractive with the help of the SketchBook Pro, where all their creative inspirations and interests can be showcased. The students can draw, paint, and sketch to images to their heart’s content. One can also learn how to play a musical instrument of their choice with the help of The SketchBook Pro. The students can browse web for seeking information regarding a project or assignment, and refer to Britannia Encyclopedia in order to find out fun facts. There are apps which organize all their ideas and encourage them to brainstorm, apart from allowing them to hone their thinking skills.thats all about iPad 2 For School , maybe usefull.
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